Exporting files from Passolo 2016 to other formats

We have the Passolo 2016 edition and following business requirements we need to export some files to formats recognizable by other CAT tools (e.g .xml , .xliff etc.) for further editing, finally import them back to 2016.


As per our tests we need the Passolo 2016 PRO version in order to the able to successfully export the files in other formats.


Considering that 1) 2016 PRO version is not available; anymore, and 2) 2016 files are not compatible; with the newer Passolo 2018 edition to support this, what are our options?


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  • You can purchase the 2018 Professional Edition and activate it. Then contact support and ask for the latest 2016 version downloader and install this in addition. Starting 2016 will now use the existing 2018 license after activated a single option in the License not found dialog.