Excluding BAML resources from source files during parsing

Is there a possibility to exclude BAML resources from source files during parsing?

As one of our developers has told me there are two ways to localize WPF dlls, BAML on the one hand and resx files on the other hand. Our developers use resx files for the localization of our dlls. Having the BAML resources in the source file (and thus also in the translated target files) leads to problems in our software. Hiding all BAML resources or making them 'read-only' doesn't solve the problem, we need the target ressource.dll without the BAML content.
I hope I was able to explain my needs, I am not a developer, only the one who is responsible for localization.Thanks for your help

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  • Currently this is not possible. Passolo will always write the BAML files in the target DLL as other properties like sizes, positions, fonts etc. could be changed in the localization process. I've asked development to consider implementing such an option, however this might take some time.
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    Hi Adrian,
    thank you for your reply. I received the same answer from Achim Herrmann via our sales contact with the indication that other customers don't have any problems when localizing WPF resources.
    Maybe our developers have to find another way to prepare our software for localization.

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    More detailed information from one of our developers:

    "We have a mixed WinForms/WPF project. Our development department has decided to do the entire localization process exclusively with the traditional Resx files.

    The problem is that the program, including the contained Xaml files, is constantly being developed. Although language resources are created on the basis of a relatively up-to-date version, the program is often no longer exactly the same once it has been completed. After delivery to the customer, it may also happen that corrections and enhancements are made to the program, but not to the resources. In both cases, it is harmful if updated Xaml settings in the program are overwritten by the old resource settings. In this scenario, it would be useful to keep Baml resources out of the resource files. We would welcome such a feature.

    Until then, we will probably have to make sure that Xaml files and resx resources are not in the same assembly. "


    The main problem are the views contained in the BAML. If there is no workaround we will have to live with it.



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    Hello Adrian,
    do you know about any progress on this issue. We have exactly the same problem as reported by Andreas in more detail below. The main problem is that obsolet controls are still referenced in the satellite dlls causing runtime exceptions.
    Thanks, Olaf