.Net Add-In The add-in has another interface version

I'm learning how to make .Net add-ins for sdl passolo 2016 and I have some trouble adding add-ins. For learning purposes I decided to add the DnContextViewer from the AddIns sdk to see what it does. As said in the documentation, I put the dll in a folder that has the same name and I put the .paiconfig file in the folder too (Check the last photo to see my config file). Once I did that, I started passolo and the add-in wasn't automatically detected and I decided to add manually by selected the DnContextViewer dll. Unfortunately, the add-in didn't load... Passolo is saying that the add-in has another interface version (see second photo). What is the meaning of the message and how can I make the add-in work?

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  • Delete the core component DLLs from the add-in directory, open the add-in sample source code, delete the old references to the core components, re-add the current core components from the Passolo installation directory and recompile the add-in. Then it will work.

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    Thanks you very much for your quick answer! I found out that my add-ins were working but I didn't saw them.. I was trying to add them while they were already detected thus showing this error. But I think your answer will surely help me eventually.