Is there a way to make a equivalent to script/batch in the form of an add-in?

I wonder if it is possible to make something equivalent to a batch/script in Passolo? I'm currently able to access the current project and some of its variables. But I would like to create/open project automatically, add sources, generate string lists, etc.. If it is possible, how can I browse the sources and their string lists? So far i can only access attribute from selected item in the project. For exemple look at the photos down below.

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  • Passolo offers 3 way to automate and customize:

    • The command line interface (CLI) to automate processes on a build server. Described in the online help. Look for batch mode.
    • COM automation which allows users to do exactly what you are looking for. Creating/opening projects, adding files, generating lists and target files, manipulating internal properties, etc. Documented in the Automation Help in the Help ribbon.
    • SDK to build your own add-ins which are usually parsers, dialog editors, export/import, etc. This is what I'm seeing in your screen shot from the development environment. But it will not help to solve your requirements.