After updating to Passolo 2016 it appears the using pslcmd.exe to run a macro does not work.

After updating to Passolo 2016 it appears the using pslcmd.exe to run a macro does not work. I have a very simple test macro that open a Passolo file and generates a target language file. From a command prompt window if I run "<APP PATH>pslcmd.exe /runmacro=<MACROPATH>\TestPSLCMD.bas" Passolo opens but does not do anything. The same command using Passolo 2011 opens the Passolo file and generates the target language file. Anyone experience this?

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  • Anyone from SDL want to comment? Is this something you are aware of?
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    I created a small macro which just contains

    Sub Main
        MsgBox "Here"
    End Sub

    one line of code and ran it using the command line using pslcmd.exe with SDL Passolo 2011 and SDL Passolo 2016. The result was Ok and in both versions the message box was displayed. So in general it is working properly. I would recommend to contact the support with your special use case and macro.



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    Hi Darrell, I never try to call a macro, but from 2011 and 2016 the number of projet (PSL.ActiveProject.Languages.Count) was 0 to x now it 1 to x project. If you have one file in your project, it can skip it. Try to run your macro first in Passolo.
    Send your code I will try it.
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    Hi Darrell,
    I've tested a sample macro and it works fine.

    Note that the macro needs to be located in the Passolo macros folder:
    C:\Users\Public\Documents\Passolo 2016\Macros
    and you don't need to specify the MacroPath.

    My command was:
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\SDL\SDL Passolo\SDL Passolo 2016\pslcmd.exe" /runmacro=PslReplaceProjectPathSelected.bas

    Kind regards,
    Adrian Maniu.
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    The msgbox macro works both ways (in Passolo and through runmacro).The sample macro I created generates 1 file. It works in Passolo 2016 but not through the macro alone.

    For my test I have a Passolo project with 1 file (EN) doing a generate to 1 language (FR)

    The macro code is
    Option Explicit

    Sub Main
    Dim prj As PslProject
    Dim trn As PslTransList
    Set prj = PSL.Projects.Open("C:\Samples\Test_PSL_CMD.lpu")

    PSL.Visible = False
    If Not(prj Is Nothing) Then
    'Loop thru all selected translation lists
    For Each trn In prj.TransLists

    Next trn
    End If
    End Sub

    I have my sample files and a video I can upload somewhere for you to see. During the runmacro process in Passolo a dialog box comes up with a title "0%" and a cancel button. Nothing else happens to it.
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