XML File grouping


I have an XML Parser that uses a "XML Group Element" entry to split some large XML files into more manageable chunks.

If I open my XML file source string list I see the various groups created by the parser.

I would like to access the title of each XML group via a macro. 

I've spent quite some time examining the Automation help and I just cannot see how to get a handle on this information.

Can someone please put me out of my misery show me how to access this property?



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  • In reply to Mark Owens:

    If you are looping the translation list PslTransList each item is of type PslTransString. Get the object number 6 then access the name of the parent resource with the following property:

            Dim t As PslTransString
            Set t = trn.String(your selection)
            PSL.Output "Resource name:" & t.Resource.ID

    That's all.