Add strings programmatically (in a C# application)?

We want to use Passolo as part of a larger system.

Is there a way to add source language strings via Automation without going through a source file?

Is there a way to add target languages via Automation?

Is there a way to add translated strings via Automation?



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  • Hello Hans,

    The answer to all your questions is Yes. Using the SDL Passolo SDK you can write your own parsers. There is no need to use a file, you can directly connect to any system that is able to provide translatable strings and insert them into your project, add target languages and add translated strings.

    Register as a developer on SDL OpenExchange to access the SDKs.
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    Hi Achim,

    I'm a little confused by your answer. says "Download demos, trials and AutoSuggest Dictionaries". No mention of an SDK. Actually, I'm not sure what an "SDK" would add to the Passolo Pro 2015 that I already have.

    I can programmatically access the Passolo Object Model, and I'm looking at the Passolo Automation Reference, which describes what is there. I can get access to the PslSourceLists object, which lets me "Add" a source file with our without a parser, but there seems to be no way to create an empty source list without specifying a source file.

    If I have a source list object in my application, I can programmatically "Update" it from its source file, and I can access each existing string using the "String" function, but I see no API call that would *add* a string to the source list.

    Please point me to a code sample or specific API documentation that shows that feature.

    The same goes for the other two questions.

    Best regards,
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    Hello Hans,

    On you can click on Developer which will bring to all the SDKs that are available for various SDL products. If not done your need to register as a developer.

    SDL Passolo offer 2 different automation modes. Using the SDK you can develop parsers and other add-ins for SDL Passolo in C++ and C# that can read and write files, retrieve translatable content from elsewhere and allows you to implement visualizations and dialog editors. This SDK can be downloaded from the website above.

    In addition the COM object model allows you to implement parsers, but which a smaller scope of function. The implementation is usually done with the internal VBA compatible scripting engine. An example can be found in the Automation Help documentation. See Chapter Using the SDL Passolo Automation – Example 5: Handling of other file types.

    Hope this helps.


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    Hi Achim,

    Thank you for your reply. I've finally found the SDK at -- I hadn't seen this before, but I'm not sure this is any help.

    I would like to push source strings into a Passolo project from an external application (coming from a database), and I think the COM ObjectModel would be better suited for that type of task.

    However, looking at it from the SDK / plugin side, I assume I would have to create a "Tool" plugin, so that I can actually call it from the Passolo menu. The plugin would somehow get access to an IPAIStringList interface of a source string list, but then what? AFAICS IPAIStringList exposes no functionality to add a string to a string list.

    The SDK seems to be centered around the assumption that we always want to parse some kind of input file to get the source strings, but this is not the case here.

    Best regards,