Import the dialog size


I will more a .net and few rc project from an other localisation tool to Passolo. I have the english.rc file and a .net.resx file.

I create a project with the both file. When i do leverage to import the translation all the process working. 

The dimension of the dialog was change in the translated file. It seem Passolo not re-import them with the leverage tools.

What is the best way to import the translation, the dialog size and position from a translated .rc and .net resource file?

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  • If the project file that you are leveraging has changed dialog sizes, the options will allow you to take over all changed coordinates.

    The better solution when changing from another localization tool to Passolo is always the Alignment. With the All option it can easily import translations and coordinates for hundreds of files in many languages with just one click.

  • In reply to Achim Herrmann:

    Thanks Achim, I test-it and with the alignmenet function, it's working well.
    I will write a macro to import the translation using the PslTransList.ScanTargetFile.