PO files in Passolo 2015 and 2016

I cam accross an interesting little issue with the PO file parser. I am using Passolo 2015 and 2016 collaboration edition. In Passolo 2015 the literla shows up as read-only but not in 2016. I found this out when we converted the PO files to ASCII Doc and then generated the PDF where most of it remained in English, although it was translated.

I will try to compile the files with 2016 and regenerate the PDF but I was wondering why this is the case.


I appreciate any input.



  • As a follow-up, I compiled the PO files with Passolo 2016 and converted it to PDF using the following procedure and now everything that was translated shows up translated.
    The process I am using is as follows: Using po4a-translate and the translated PO files, the ASCII docs were translated. After the translation, the ASCII doc files were converted into PDF using asciidoctor-pdf.

    Problem solved and now I know to use 2016 for PO files. This might help someone else.