Passolo automation | Export customized string list based on properties

Hello Team,

Thank you for support so far.

Currently i am working with automating export the list of translation based on property assigned

The property assigned to each string based on criteria is: s.Property(pslPropStyle) = &H50022007

For now i am able to export the entire list using below code:

Dim prj As PslProject
      Set prj = PSL.ActiveProject
      If prj Is Nothing Then Exit Sub

    Dim lang As PslLanguage
      For Each lang In prj.Languages
    ' Create the translation bundle
        Dim bundle As PslTransBundle
        Set bundle = prj.PrepareTransBundle

        Dim trn As PslTransList
        Dim k As Integer
        For k = 1 To prj.TransLists.Count
              Set trn = prj.TransLists(k)
              If trn.Language Is lang Then
              End If
        Next k
    ' Make filename "test<langcode>.tba/tbu"
    Dim filename As String
    filename = "c:\temp\test" & lang.LangCode & ".csv"
    prj.Export "PASSOLO Customizable Text Export", bundle, filename
  Next lang


But this exports entire list, can we somehow filter the string list exported based on criteria of pslPropStyle as &H50022007, i am using SDL Passolo 2015


Thanks in advance