Read-only strings output as translatable segments in SDLXLIFFs

Hello. I love the new functionality to export SDLXLIFFs from Passolo 2018. I've noticed that Read-only strings in Passolo (and possibly Hidden strings as well?) are output as translatable segments in these SDLXLIFFs. I wonder if this should be updated to output these strings as locked or even not extracted?

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  • Hello and ,

    what does fixed mean here? We're working with 2018 Version and it seems that only if the strings are hidden they are excluded from export. Correct? I'd need to see the strings in Passolo some cases, so it's not the ideal solution in my case.

    I'd rather thought the XLIFF export settings would be refined so I can define there whether or not to export the strings. While we're on that topic: Would also be helpful to be able to export strings "in review" , for expample, in some cases...:-)