Read-only strings output as translatable segments in SDLXLIFFs

Hello. I love the new functionality to export SDLXLIFFs from Passolo 2018. I've noticed that Read-only strings in Passolo (and possibly Hidden strings as well?) are output as translatable segments in these SDLXLIFFs. I wonder if this should be updated to output these strings as locked or even not extracted?

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  • thank you, ,

    The thing is, we cannot hide all locked strings because then we got problems with resizing the dialogs in the old dll versions and also I want the strings to be there as reference texts in Passolo.

    Do you have any idea how we could handle that? Translators sometimes have 80% "locked" strings and 20% really to translate - but the statistics also do not reflect that. I also do not get these strings as "locked segments" in Trados -so I don't see a way to filter the display or something. Then I could maybe already set all these strings to translated or something - which,however, in turn, will blow up the TM with useless technical stuff ..:-(

    I still think that it would be great if there was an option during export whether locked / hidden strings should be excluded...