Passolo Excel Parser, Escape characters in Excel.

Hello Passolo Dev team,


when using Passolo localized a Excel file with multiple languages. I found a issue missing the open of single quote where it should be at start of string in cell.

if the original English source has a single quote as a first character in a cell. when Passolo generated target file, a single quote will not show in a preview cell but you can see in the formula bar.

-----------------------[Reported by the client as this sample]--------------------------

Original source:

'abc’ defg


Generated from Passolo:

abc’ defg


Would it be possible to resolve this issue in Passolo Excel add-in Parser? I know that a single quote is escape character in Excel when user type down single quote on keyboard. Excel will automate escape. However, if you import a text with single quote as a first character, it will appears in a cell.