Using Text Renderer with Text Parser?

I have a monolingual JSON file with several attributes sucha s MaxChar, width, height, font name, font size, etc. I would love to be able to use the Passolo Text Renderer for this file but am not able to. 

Sample string looks like this (string is highlighted):

"layer_id" : "1234",
"seq_num" : 0,
"info" : {
"string ID" : "string"
"note" : {
"fontSize" : 24,
"textAlignment" : 0,
"updated" : 1,
"fontName" : "Calibri",
"pageName" : "Strings Page",
"maxChar" : 150,
"maxLine" : 3,
"size" : {
"width" : 400,
"height" : 100

I am using a text parser to capture the string. Can I render this text with the Passolo Text Renderer? If using a JSON parser makes more sense, please let me know. Thank you!

  • Hi Luke,

    I would convert JSON to XML and see if text rendering will work using XML parser.

    Thanks, Naoko

  • Yes, this is possible but requires some customizations.

    • The text parsing rule must be configured with a regular expression in a way that it also imports the properties section after the translatable text into the comment field of Passolo.
    • A small (about 30 lines of code) system macro must be implemented then interprets all parser comment fields after each file import and is setting all the internal properties for maximum width, height and font. The function used is PSL_AfterUpdateSourceList()