XML Parser: specifying generic Data element for all unique elements in xml tree

Hi, and sorry if this has been covered here but I could not find anything similar:

I have the following xml structure, where each translatable element is unique. Is it possible to create a generic data element rule for this? The following does not work: //*

      <ParameterBrowser TranslationToolHeader="ParameterBrowser">
          <ExportParametersFile><![CDATA[Export parameters]]></ExportParametersFile>
          <ExportCompleted><![CDATA[Export completed successfully]]></ExportCompleted>
          <DriveStudioParameters><![CDATA[DriveStudio parameters]]></DriveStudioParameters>
          <DriveWindowParameters><![CDATA[DriveWindow parameters]]></DriveWindowParameters>
          <ParametersZipFile>Parameters backup file</ParametersZipFile>
          <PleaseWaitFilteringParameters>Reading parameters from drive...Please wait.</PleaseWaitFilteringParameters>
          <PleaseWaitSavingParameters>Saving parameters...Please wait.</PleaseWaitSavingParameters>
          <PleaseWaitExpandingParameters>Expanding parameters...Please wait.</PleaseWaitExpandingParameters>
          <PleaseWaitRestoringParameters>Restoring parameters...Please wait.</PleaseWaitRestoringParameters>
          <MonitoringDynamicParameterChange>Dynamic parameter change, monitoring stopped!</MonitoringDynamicParameterChange>
          <NoDrivesFound>No drives found.</NoDrivesFound>

We have tried to instruct the customer to use more localization friendly structure but they have created their own tool that handles this, and they are not that anxious to modify the tool. The simplest modification would be perhaps to add new Text element, and put the current element name as ID attribute, and I will suggest this, but I would be glad to know if there is a way to handle these unique element names in Passolo data element.

Many thanks


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