excel parser - additional properties


I have these columns in my Excel file:

Column 1 - ID number

Column 2 - Source text

Column 3 - Target text

Column 4 - Text type

Column 5 - Description of usage

When I configuring the Excel parser up, I set:

column 4 to be "Comment column"

column 5 to be "Columns with additional properties".

When I look at the generated translation list, I can only see the contents of column 4.

Column 5 is nowhere to be seen.

Can someone tell me how i can get  both column 4 AND column 5 to appear in the translation list?



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  • Hi Achim,

    I've tried to do what you suggest but it's not working. Am I missing something fundamental here?

    I have confirmed that Column G of my spreadsheet does indeed contain valid context information.

    I have opened a translation list, and selected a row which contains some context.

    I have right-clicked on the header, selected "Customize", then chose "Custom 1", then clicked "Define"

    I entered "Context" for the caption field.

    The black triangle does not list anything, meaning I cannot choose the property name to use.

    The note on the dialog implies I can also type in a property enclosed in <> characters, but it's not clear what values I'd type in.

    I am still confused that although the source file Excel Sheet Options dialog has an entry for additional properties column, you state that it is not used for this purpose. What is this setting used for?

    Best Regards