Prompting translation when length restriction changed

Hi there

We import translation bundles into Passolo using our own XML format:

-<trans-unit translate="yes" size-unit="px" id="StatusNotificationNone" font="standard:LEFT" maxwidth="150" maxheight="14">

    <source>No status notifications.</source>

    <target>No status notifications.</target>


This works quite well, including the width and height restrictions that are being checked upon validation of a translation.

However, we now have the case where the length restrictions can change and these changes should prompt the translator to rework the existing translation. This means, we would prefer not to delete the existing translation, but so far, we have not found a way to highlight these changes in Passolo so that the translators can easily locate and rework them. 

So, the question is, can we somehow highlight these changes? Or can we do a bulk validation on the complete file? Anything else we could do here?

Thank you very much for any insights shared.