Passolo can not parse string resources in the WPF Xaml(baml).

Passolo Professional Edition 2015 Version: 15.1.453.0

I have a .Net WPF project containing WPF XAML files, and building with Visual Studio 2017. It has 4 xaml files

  1. App.xaml
  2. ShareStyle.xaml
  3. MainWindow.xaml
  4. SampleWindow.xaml

I define some common string resources into a single ResourceDictionary xaml (ShareStyle.xaml), which is merged into the ResourceDictionary of App.xaml, that can be referenced by other two WPF windows (MainWindow and SampleWindow) using "StaticResource" MarkUp Extension.

When I try to use Passolo to translate the project, and find that Passolo can not find the string resources in the ShareStyle.xaml for the SampleWindow.xaml, that is it can not display the string resource in the Passolo preview Window, you can see details in the below image:


But Passolo can display string resources for MainWindow.xaml, which is strange to me.

Does the Passolo have some rules to parse the string resources in a common ResourceDictionary xaml?

I have tried to use Passolo 2018, which also has the same problem.

I have attached a WPF sample files ("").