SDL Passolo 2018 Translator Edition - Automatic update and customer experience feedback notifications

Hi everyone,

We are currently using Passolo 2018 Translator Edition ( to be precise) and have a few questions regarding the application startup setup.

Especially new users that start the application for the first time are getting notifications about a failed automatic update as well as a request to participate in the customer experience feedback program. As the machines the users are working with are not connected to the internet, I was wondering if there are any chances/possibilities to turn of both notifications via configuration/registry/GPO/etc... settings at all? 

While I was able to find some information to turn off automatic updates for older versions of Passolo and Trados, I couldn't find anything regarding the customer experience feedback program.

I would therefore like to know if there is any documentation for Passolo 2018 Translator Edition in particular to turn off these notifications/functions and where to find it. Maybe there is already documentation for other products that would also work for Passolo 2018 Translator Edition? What do you recommend to mitigate those notifications?


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  • Hi , thank you very much for your reply. We know that automatic updates can be turned off in the options manually. However, we are looking for a solution to do just that without any user participation, e.g. by an administrator. We are also using Passolo 2016 TE and faced the same problem in the beginning and we were able to turn off updates using a GPO template ( Unfortunately this does not work for Passolo 2018 TE. As there is a KB-Article available for previous versions, we thought there might be a similar solution for the current version.

    The machines on which Passolo is used do not have any connection to the internet, thus we would like to skip those messages entirely if possible.