What happens to read-only strings during update?/Filter for read-only status?


Hope somebody's still around here ? :-)

I was wondering how read-only strings in the source list are treated during a string list update?! What if a developer "revives" an old string that was not to be translated before but should be now? Would I ever get this string in the translation lists? Do I have a change to recognize it in the source list?

(I only now found the information that the status of source list strings must be reset manually, I always wondered why I had so many "new" strings in the source but hardly any to be translated in the translation lists.. I don't find that convincing... :-()

On that status topic: Can anyone tell me how I can filter the string list for "read-only" or "hidden" strings? I assume I have to do it via custom filter check or basic expression but I don't know how to do it.



  • This depends on the parser and it’s configuration. While most parsers doesn’t change the read-only setting in the source list, you can configure the XML parser to import attributes (I.e. translate=“Yes”) and change the read-only entry setting accordingly. For all other parsers this becomes a manual task.
    Read-only strings can be filtered Using a Basic expression. Look for .State in the properties drop down list and select the pslStateReadOnly property.