Unhandled exception in add-in "JSON Parser"


I get this unhandled exception when I try to generate the target file via pslcmd.exe as part of my build process if the source file contains new JSON sections.

The JSON looks like this:
"aboutdialogcomponent": {
"about-dialog.component.ts": {
"ID02034": "Close",
"_ID02034.comment": "Button",
"ID02035": "Copyright",
"_ID02035.comment": "Div"
"address": {
"address.edit.display.js": {
"ID00458": "Region Bias",
"_ID00458.comment": "Label for textfield"

To generate the target file we use:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\SDL\SDL Passolo\SDL Passolo 2018\pslcmd.exe" EForms.lpu /output:"EForms.log" /generate sourcefile:"eForms-EN.json"

Everything works fine as long as the eForms-en.json is consistent with the json which was used to create the string lists inside the Passolo project. It even works if developers add new strings to the JSON.
In this case as expected from working with other projects, Passolo generates target files which contain these strings in the source language.
But: if the JSON contains a new section, e.g. "address2" with new strings, then generating the target files fails with the unhandled exception:
ERROR - Unhandled Exception in Add-In. Component='DnJsonParser.Components.ParserComponent' Method='ParseFile' Message='Object reference not set to an instance of an object.' StackTrace=' at DnJsonParser.Parsers.JsonFileParser.ChangeResourcePath(String path)
at DnJsonParser.Parsers.JsonFileParser.ParseFile()
at DnJsonParser.Components.ParserComponent.ParseFile(String filename, enmParsingTypes action, CPAICustomFile customFile)
at PAIFN_ParseFile(Char* filename, Int32 action, IPAICustomFile* customfile)'

The problem could be worked-around by updating the string lists via the command line, but obviously this is not possible when strings lists are exported. Thus, this work-around is no option for us.

I am using Passolo 2018, 18.0.133.

Could you please tell me whether this is a bug or how I can work around this?