Resource strings are not included in the target application (developed in Delphi)

Hi, Currently we are evaluating passolo for our translation. Part of that I am trying to translate a Delphi application. In my passolo project source, I have the Delphi application and resource file (drc). My target is German language. I translated all the strings in the application and resource file, then marked them as translation completed. After I generated target file for application, observed that passllo did not include the translated strings from resource file to application. Any help, how to include them in Target application. Thanks.

  • The description about the project setup is quite vague. Supported Delphi application files are EXE, DLL, BPL. Delphi is renumbering StringTable IDs from build to build and DRC files exported form the development environment help localization tools to correctly handle changed string IDs. The Delphi add-in of SDL Passolo doesn’t need any DRC file to correctly handle changed StringTable IDs. It uses an internal heuristic to be able to work without the DRC files as in many cases this file is accessible especially for translation agencies.

    So there is no need to insert DRC files into the project. When correctly setting up the project and updating it from a source file version 1 to version 2 all the changed StringTable IDs are correctly handled without losing any of the existing translations.