Passolo XML Parser destroys target file due to coding!?

Hi everybody, 

I have a Passolo project with one XML file with structure

<Translation UId="60a91683-ea32-4d5a-9abf-ccd52f40cae8" Id="ID_ABOUT_PROGRAMVERSION">
<target lng="en">Program version:</target>
<target lng="de">Programmversion:</target>
<target lng="it">Versione programma:</target>
<target lng="es">Versión del programa:</target>
<target lng="fr">Version du programme:</target>
<target lng="zh">程序版本:</target>
<target lng="ja">プログラムバージョン:</target>
<target lng="ko">프로그램 버전:</target>

Parsing rule: 

Target rule: Source file

When generating the target language, some characters in Japanese and Chinese are converted to unicode(?) and the XML structure is broken:

This is new. I am using this project quite some time. I am using Passolo

When generating the target files to the source file. Which codpage and/or encoding for target do I have so specify?

Any hints welcome. Thanks, Markus

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