Resize display of long cells?

In the 2015 Translator Edition (and earlier), long cells get cut off in the string list as well as in the fuzzy/concordance search results. The latter is especially a problem as I can't see what's changed in the parts that get cut off. It looks like it can fit approximately 16 lines. Is there a way to increase this? Is this even fixed in later versions of Passolo (not that I can change that - the client is limited to 2015 right now).

  • How long are the problematic entries and are the translated entries correctly written to the translated file? You mentioned 16 lines but this is not a good measure.

    Having in mind that SDL will not publish any fixes for SDL Passolo 2015, I would recommend to consider one of these solutions:

    • Update to the latest version where the problem is already fixed
    • Shorten the entries or distribute them over several entries.
    • Use the inbuilt segmentation if available for the used parser