JSON files as resources created with Linux System

Dear community, 

I've got currently a new challenge with translating JSON files create with an Ubuntu OS. The challenge here is, that the target files under Ubuntu has a LF (line feed) as eol (end of line) but my PASSOLO 2018 on Windows10 OS has CRLF (carriage return line feed) as eol. 

Now my question: What's the recommended way to deal with JSON files (only LF) using PASSOLO 2018 on a Windows OS? How could I force PASSOLO 2018 to generate the target files (JSON) with eol only using LF? 

Or could you suggest me a way to deal with that files? 

Any suggestions are appreciated. 

Kind regards 

Alexander Sailer

  • The difference you detected is one of the text file differences that usually occur between different operating systems. The question is whether that is a real problem for you.

    JSON.org is defining the valid whitespace characters which include space, linefeed, carriage return and horizontal tab. But it doesn’t define the number of whitespaces. I have seen large JSON files stored in one single line or nicely pretty printed JSON structures.

    At the end the file is read by a JSON component and then it should not matter anymore if using linefeed or carriage return + linefeed.

  • Hello Mr. Herrmann, 

    thx for reply. According to your information I have to check and discuss this information with my team.

    Currently I'm a bloody beginner using Ubuntu OS and the differences between the Windows and Ubuntu OS. But every knowledge starts with the 1st step (same as a long journey;-))