Spellchecker - Custom dictionary handling

Hello community, 

currently I'm try to use the spellchecker option in my project[1]. As mentioned I created a directory structure for my Custom.dic files to have several ones in each language. 

During our development process we should build a baseline over every file involved in our software development. This includes the localization process with PASSOLO 2018 too. 

According to this requirement I put the directory structe with the custom.dic files withing my development project and configured my PASSOLO 2018 project to use this. As I moved my development project to another directory I am faced with the problem: The custom.dic file in each language is an absolute path and targets to the old location of my development project. Is it possible to configure relative paths in PASSOLO 2018 projects? This should not only be the Custom.dic files, this could also be the source and target files for translation. 

Or could you suggest me another solution to deal with my projects and custom.dic files to handle them in a proper way? 

[1] https://community.sdl.com/product-groups/translationproductivity/sdl_passolo/f/forum/30245/spellchecker-in-passolo-2018-and-customization 


Alexander Sailer