Support of SDL 2015 add-ins in Passolo 2011


I have upgraded to SDL Studio 2015, and I have just done a clean install with Windows 10, so I don't have SDL 2014 in my system any more.
Now the client has sent a job that should be done in Passolo Translator 2011, but it seems that Passolo Translator 2011 does not work with SDL Studio 2015 and SDL Multiterm 2015.
There's no MT add-in for 2015, and when I enter the path to 2015 in the SDL Trados Studio add-in settings file, it does not work (no matches retrieved, storing of segments to the add-in is disabled).
I have a TM and term base I want to use, so I need this function.

Is there a way to work around this?
Are 2015 add-ins for Passolo Translator 2011 available? Or do I have to reinstall 2014 (without activating it)? Will that helo?

Thanks for any advice!