Option: Custom Properties in the .NET Parser


I need some help with the .NET-Parser settings. For a software translation I want to extract binary blobs, because the blobs contain encoded XML-layouts with translatable strings. The option 'Custom Properties' in the .NET Parser seems to work for this situation. The Passolo manual describes how the feature should work but I do not get encoded binaries into my Passolo project.

In the .NET-parser settings I define a new custom property, which should be localizable.

The content of my main-assembly looks like this:

I need the uipPanelManager.LayoutStream in my Passolo project. The option 'Custom Property' needs a property and a control type. What's the property and control panel (property=uipPanelManager.LayoutStream, control panel=???)? I tried the ID of the ressource as property and as control type and also '*' but Passolo does not import the binaries.

What am I doing wrong?

Kindly regards