Error on parsing .Net assembly in Passolo?

Can not create the String List for a specific .Net Assembly. The
Microsoft .NET Parser Add-in is in use and works fine with other Assemblies.
Text in Message Window:
Updating Source List-DevExpress.XtraGrid.v17.1 ERROR - Error parsing file. Enable diagnostic report for more details.

Currently we are using SDL Passolo Team 10 Edition 2015

After generating target file (based on empty, non existing string list) the following is found in the *.dll.log.htm:

    Exception: Passolo cannot extract a Qualified Assembly Name from DevExpress.XtraEditors.SimpleButton, DevExpress.XtraEditors.v17.1, Culture=neutral
       at DnDotNet.ResNameMapper.FullQualifiedAssemblyNameToQualifiedAssemblyName(String fullQualifiedAssemblyName)
   at DnDotNet.WFControlModel.WFControlList.ProbeAddControl(WFControl control)
   at DnDotNet.Parser.Resources.WFFormResource.ParseResourceData()
   at DnDotNet.Parser.Resources.WFFormResource.Parse()
   at DnDotNet.Parser.Resources.AssemblyResource.ParseAndExtend(WFFormResource& form, WFFormResource baseForm)
   at DnDotNet.Parser.Resources.AssemblyResource.Parse()