How can Telerik Controls be correctly displayed?

I am evaluating Passolo for a translation project, using the .NET parser. The client uses Visual Studio combined with Telerik controls for the display of menus, dialogues etc. I have added a path to the Telerik dll's in the external resources of the parser setup, but something still seems to be missing. I cannot see any menu structure, I cannot view multiple tabs in dialogues, I cannot see all elements in dialogues where elements are hidden or shown during runtime, I cannot resize elements in the dialogues and so on. It basically makes the program unusable for this task. Does anyone have experience with Telerik controls who can pojnt me to the missing info. Possibly there are VS dll's missing, but I have no idea which ones. Potentially this project would go out to many different translators, so the setup for them needs to be clear.

I am using a Passolo 2016 version with a one month regular license. Telerik Controls are current, VS is 2012.

  • Your request is not complete. Can you please tell me if you are going to localize RESX files or binaries (EXE, DLL)? The RESX file localization approach has some limitations and it doesn't instantiate controls from external referenced DLL, it just uses the content of the RESX files to visualize the UI which may explain several limitations.

    When localizing the binary files, SDL Passolo is extracting much more information as data like the inheritance chain, menu structure information etc. are not stored in RESX but in the code. Using reflection the .NET parser is extracting this additional information form the code in your binaries. This approach includes the ability to get all referenced assemblies and instantiate the control from 3rd party libraries to offer a much better visualization.