How to configure the Microsoft .NET Parser to ignore external xml in resx-files?

Hello folks,

I'm working with the .NET-Parser in Passolo to localize a few resx-files. My problem are some values which are not valid strings.


<data name="cardviewGridEx.BuiltInTextsData" xml:space="preserve">
    <value>&lt;LocalizableData ID="LocalizableStrings" Collection="true"&gt;&lt;GroupByBoxInfo&gt;A STRING I WANT TO TRANSLATE&lt;/GroupByBoxInfo&gt;&lt;EmptyGridInfo&gt;A STRING I WANT TO TRANSLATE&lt;/EmptyGridInfo&gt;&lt;/LocalizableData&gt;</value>

Is there any way to ignore the content of the square brackets? So Passolo only shows me the strings inside?

Thanks for any info!

  • No, this is not possible. The localization concept for Microsoft .NET is always assuming that the <value> element is storing the translatable string. It is up to your developers to better separate code parts from translatable strings.

    There are ways to insert complete XML files as resources into a .NET application. When localizing source files you can insert these XML files are separate files into the project, when localizing binaries cascaded parsing can be used to extract the XML from the binary.