Is it possible to open translation bundles using a combination of C# / COM?


I've written plenty of C#/COM programs to open projects and process them.

I have a requirement to do some testing on a translation bundle, but it looks like you can't open bundles programmatically.

Can someone from SDL confirm this?



  • The COM methods that are opening projects will also open translation bundles, but not all data objects that are stored in a project maybe be available and accesseble in a translation budle.

  • Thanks for your reply Achim, but I can't seem to get as far as opening the bundle successfully.
    Here's a code snippet which works when I point it at a real project, but gives a null pointer on the last line when I use a bundle:

    String theBundle = "c:\\test\\pl-PL_SLAVE_TE_07.0_UI_07000200_17-01-25.tbulic15";
    PassoloU.PassoloApp passolo = new PassoloApp();
    PassoloProject passoloProject = new PassoloProject(passolo, theBundle);
    PassoloU.IPslTransLists translists = passolo.ActiveProject.TransLists;

    Is the translist one of those data objects that's not available? Seems weird if that is the case.