Possible bug in Review figures created programmatically?

I've got a C# program which traverses the string lists for each language in a given project.

It maintains running totals as it moves through the strings lists.

At the end I print out the totals.

All figures are correct except the Review ones.

If I use the Passolo UI Statistics or Reports features to obtain the numbers, I get a different Review figure than for my program.

It appears that the UI shows the correct and actual figures.

The call to transList.GetStatistics().ToReview.WordCount makes an assumption that:

- any fuzzy matches, regardless of whether 100% or less, means a review is required and therefore also adds the fuzzy words to the review words too!

I've tested this by running my program on a project with no fuzzy match (nor any Review) strings.

I get zero Reviews running my program.

Then I introduce several 100% matches, double check the UI to confirm the fuzzy matches appear, but still showing zero Review.

Close the project, run my program.

The Review value matches the Pre-translated (100% fuzzy) figure.



Maybe my thinking is flawed?

If not, I could really do with this being fixed (as in match the UI behavior) as I need to automate the calculation of word-counts, producing values I (and my vendor) trusts.