Auto accept prompts from PslSourceList.Update ?

Hi all,

I'm trying to use PslSourceList.Update() in powershell, but the following gets outputted to the Passolo Message window and Passolo automatically answer "No" all the time.

The current update is going to delete ### strings from the string list.
Do you want to continue?
Press [No], if you want to check the string list properties and the source file.
Operation aborted by user

I can't see a way to auto accept this prompt instead of auto declining it. If I manually update the source list with the GUI, it will obviously prompt with a message box and I can click Yes with my mouse, but when doing it from powershell, it auto-declines and continues with no error either (method returns true to signify that it successfully updated). The documentation doesn't seem to show a way to do this. I also tried looking through the Passolo options, but couldn't find anything relevant. Any help is appreciated.