Embed dialog resource picture in a report


We are generating a report of untranslated text and we want to add to the report the dialog resource picture.

Is that possible?



  • Are you using the existing Passolo reports or have you already implemented a customized report using the COM object model programming interface?

    As exporting dialog pictures is not an inbuilt feature in SDL Passolo, you have to create a customized export utility using macros. There is a non-documented method in the object model that allows to create and save dialog pictures.


    There are 3 parameters

    Filetype               pslFileTypeJpg, pslFileTypePng, pslFileTypeBmp
    Folder                 where the picture files are stored
    filename              optional, If filename is omitted, the filename is created from the resource ID 

    Before you call this function you must ensure that the resource editor window in Passolo is maximized i.e. on a second screen

    Code sample:

    Sub HandleTransString(t As PslTransString)
          Dim reseditor As PslResourceEditor
          Set reseditor = t.Resource.OpenResourceEditor
          If reseditor Is Nothing Then Exit Sub
          reseditor.SaveImage(pslFileTypePng, "d:\images")
    End Sub

    Some time ago I created a really nice customized macro solution to exactly achieve what you are looking for. As far as I remember it took me 2-3 days of developing it. Unfortunately it got lost in a system crash.