As an Language Analyst, how can I make sure all translators working on a project receive an email notification when a query has been answered?

I've tried ticking the "Inform translator feedback" checkbox, but still only the person who raised the query gets an email notification that the query has been answered. I've also tried using the "User Read Report", but here I am only able to select users from the language that raised the query, rather than all languages.

Even if only 1 language raised a query, all languages need to be informed of the answer at all times, as the answer might be revelavant for them.

Expecting translators to log in to the system to see if queries have been raised on a specific file is not an option, as this is not how translators work, and they might not even realise there was something worth quyerying (for instance if there is an error in the source that onlt 1 out of 14 languages would spot; all languages need to fix this in delivery though)

Currently the work-around is to send an email to all translators every time we answer a query, telling them there is a query in the system they need to check, but this creates extra work rather than streamlining the query process

  • There is no need to send a notification around to users they can all see the answers. This is a major shift in thinking that we need to notify everyone when a change is made. We need to help our resources develop the method of checking the system several times a day so they can keep themselves up to date. One of our main objectives in launching this system is to reduce our dependence on email and ensure that our resources can reach out and get the information they need when they need it.

    If there is a source error the PJM should send out a feedback report for all users.