When translators raise a query in SmartQuery, how can they make sure all other language working on the project are informed there is a query outstanding?

All languages working on a project need to be informed as soon as a query for that project is raised.

This will stop translators from delivering files while there are still be queries outstanding that might be relevant for them.

Currently translators are not aware of outstanding queries until we have answered them and sent them an email outside the system to tell them there is a query they need to look at.

This means they often delvier files that they need to make changes to once the qeury has been answered.

This causes a lot of delays with files having to be shuffeled back and forth between translator, TMS, client, DTP, Engineering, etc. This causes extra costs (in case of re-DTP being required), and can cause us to look bad to client (in case we have to make multiple redeliveries)

If translators knew there was a potentially relevant query outstanding, they would hold delivery, streamlining the process

  • There is no need to send a notification around to users they can all see the answers. This is a major shift in thinking that we need to notify everyone when a change is made. We need to help our resources develop the method of checking the system several times a day so they can keep themselves up to date. One of our main objectives in launching this system is to reduce our dependence on email and ensure that our resources can reach out and get the information they need when they need it.