Studio 2014 is faster than Studio 2019 when using DNS 13


I've been using Studio 2014 and DNS 13 for a few years now with good results.
I follow the procedure below when translating.
1. Cursor in target segment
2. Microphone on
3. Speak
4. Confirm and move to next unconfirmed segment (keyboard shortcut)
5. Repeat procedure

I may switch the micro off and on when moving between segments,
because it seems to prevent Studio from crashing.  It's done quickly enough with a keyboard shortcut.

Now, with Studio 2019, nothing happens when I speak, although Dragon is listening... I have to launch Dragon's Dictation Box, but that's one additional step, and The dictation box is slow to appear..slower than when I use it with Studio 2014. I can also dictate in Dragon's Editor, then copy/paste in the target segment, but that is cumbersome and slow.

As a result Studio 2014 is faster than Studio 2019, as far as my personal workflow is concerned.

Any suggestions ? Thanks for your input

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  • Hello ,

    I am wondering if might be able to offer some advice on this.
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    It's been a few years since I last used DNS 13, having upgraded to DPI 14 and more recently to DPI 15, which work extremely well with Studio (no more crashes or freezing), so I couldn't really comment on how well it interacts with Studio 2019, but in order to dictate directly into Studio, the "Use dictation box for unsupported applications" option needs to be disabled in Dragon's Tools - Options - Miscellaneous. Is this the setting you have, Philippe?
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    Thanks Steven
    Thanks Nora

    Yes, "Use dictation box for unsupported applications" is the setting I have.
    Unfortunately, enabling or disabling this option brings no change.