Navigating the "View" ribbon with Dragon

Here is a Dragon macro for navigating the "View" ribbon in Studio 2017. (I am not sure whether the ribbons are the same for other versions of Studio.)


This should have been a simple macro, but the Studio View ribbon is a mess, and seriously need to be changed. (The same probably applies to the other ribbons.)


You can see the problems in the table below.


For example, to use the "View" ribbon ("Alt-V") to navigate from the "Projects" window to the "Reports" window, you type "Alt-VO". But if you are in the "Editor" window with a file open in the editor, you have to type "Alt-VR1", and if you are in the "Welcome" window, you have to type "Alt-VE".



The only reliable way to arrive in the proper window is to use a two-step process, first going to a guaranteed intermediate landing spot, and then going from there to where you want to be.


For example, since "Alt-VE" almost always takes you to the "Welcome" window, you might think of this as a possible intermediate landing point. The problem is that if you are in the "Welcome" window already, then typing "Alt-VE" takes you to the "Reports" window.


Can one use "Alt-VWE" instead? If you are in the "Welcome" window, then the "W" will keep you there and the extra "E" is ignored. Unfortunately, if you are in the "Projects" window, for example, then the "W" is assigned to some other function in the "View" ribbon (namely "Reset Window Layout"), so that doesn't work.


One also can't use, for example, "Alt-FI1" in an attempt to land on the "Files" window instead. It works if you are in any window but the "Editor" window with a file open. But if you are in the "Editor" window with a file open, then the "F" will not simply be ignored so that the "I1" can send you to the "Files" window. Instead, the "F" eliminates all choices except "F1" and "F2" (which are assigned to other functions in the ribbon) and because the "F" partially matches something, the extra "I1" is then ignored instead of sending you to the "Files" window.


There is unfortunately no key combination that I can find that will reliably move you to a certain window.


The solution I found was this. First type "Alt-VOP". If you are in the "Editor" window with a file open, then the "O" will move you to the "Projects" window and the extra "P" will be ignored. If you are in the "Projects", "Files", "Reports" or "TMs" windows, or in the "Editor" window without any files open, then the "O" will send you to the "Reports" window and the extra "P" is ignored. If you are in the "Welcome" window, then the "O" will be ignored (as it is not assigned in the "View" ribbon) and the "P" will send you to the "Projects" window.


This means that you end up either in the "Projects" window or the "Reports" window. Luckily, the "View" ribbon navigation keys are the same in both of these windows, so we can reliably move to the proper window on the next step.


Using this (dual) intermediate stopping place, I called the macro "view <navitem>", and the "<navitem>" list contains the items "welcome", "projects", "files", "reports", editor" and "TMs".


The macro itself is as follows:


Sub Main

SendKeys "%VOP"       ' first move

Wait 0.1

Select Case ListVar1    ' second move
Case "welcome"
  SendKeys "%VE"
Case "projects"
  SendKeys "%VP"
Case "files"
  SendKeys "%VF"
  SendKeys "{Tab 5}"
Case "reports"
  SendKeys "%VO"
Case "editor"
  SendKeys "%VD"
Case "TMs"
  SendKeys "%VT"
End Select

End Sub


After moving to the "Files" window, I included 5 tab keys to move from the panel on the left side of the window to the part of the window that contains the file names.


You might have to make similar adjustments in the other windows, but I thought I would give everyone this basic solution to the problem created by the messy key assignments in the Studio "View" ribbon.


Hopefully SDL will think about updating the user interface sometime soon, and will look carefully at the ribbon key assignments when they do so.



Bruce Campbell

ASAP Language Solutions

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  • Hi Bruce,

    Thank you for this illuminating post that does a good job of demonstrating the complexity of the command navigation structure.   We discussed this with the product team this morning and the problem may be related to the underlying UI library we use which is similar to Outlook/Word etc.  The main difference between Outlook/Word and us is that we allow ribbon navigation between the views and MSoft does not (I think!) and this may well be one of the reasons why they don't.  Instead they use dedicated keyboard shortcuts, so you would use Ctrl+2 to get to the Calendar View for example, or Ctrl+4 to get to your Tasks.

    So maybe you can do something similar and create dedicated keyboard shortcuts for the views so you have a consistent way to access them?  The defaults are empty: