Dragon NaturallySpeaking: switching between Studio 2017 and Notepad

Due to Studio's lack of support for Dragon NaturallySpeaking I am composing most of my text in Notepad. Does anyone have any tips for macros to select all the text in Notepad then switch reliably to Studio's editing pane? (Too often I find that I end up in the concordance pane or some other subsection of the main window.)

I watched Nora's webinar a couple of weeks ago and found it useful, but have not yet bought the KnowBrainer utility, nor have I had time to implement any of her suggestions myself.

I have a very large project under way today, and already my left hand is starting to feel the impact of repeated alt+tabs from Notepad to Studio, so I am looking for some kind of short-term fix. I can look into something more sophisticated at a later date.

I am using Studio 2017 and Dragon Professional Individual.

Thanks in advance,

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    Hi Dan,

    I think the inability to select a specific view part in Studio is frustrating. I have also experimented with a couple of AHK scripts for other things that I can't get to work reliably because I occasionally end up in the wrong view part.

    A few suggestions: did you try Dragon's own dictation window instead of Notepad? It has a bulit-in "Transfer" button and it will automatically transfer the text for you to the segment where your cursor was when you started.

    My second suggestion, although I understand you're pressed for time, is that KnowBrainer has a 30-day free trial, so no need to make a financial commitment right away.

    And the last one is, since you have the Professional version of Dragon, you don't really need KnowBrainer, you can write your scripts directly in Dragon, if you want to go that route.

    Happy dictating!

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