Not being able to dictate straight into the target window with DNS

When I dictate with DNS using Studio, the text that I dictate is entered in a second window. I then need to click Transfer to transfer the text into the target segment. This slows me down, and it is not the way DNS works with at least one of Studio's major competitors.

Has anyone found a solution to this? Or is it just how DNS works with Studio at the moment?


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    ok - as a complete newbie who just installed DNS 12, tested a quick email and am now diving into Studio.  I immediately get the window Jayne was talking about:

    So, as Dennis suggested I looked through the options and found this which I unchecked:

    That did the trick, and I can also say "Press Ctrl Enter" to confirm and move to the next untranslated segment.

    I’m starting to feel like an old hand, and I’ve only used it for 5/10 minutes :-)  Not so sure how long I could keep it up though... I think typing gives me thinking time and when I speak it seems to be using brain power I’m not used to!  Or simply a lack of brainpower in the first place!!

    But I’m glad to be up and running now, and looking forward to seeing what we can do to improve the integration of these tools where necessary.



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