Checkmark in the Dragonbar is grey

The checkmark in the Dragonbar indicates whether Dragon has full text control (green) or not (grey). If not, some (vocal) commands may not work. For instance, you can customise the correction menu to be able to correct by double-clicking on a word (what I feel very convenient). In SDL Studio, this does not work.

I do not know what has to be done to have a green checkmarck (what memoQ has...)



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  • Hi Bruno,

    I think your question here is key because whatever Dragon needs to be able to provide full functionality seems to be based around whether it considers the application to be supported or not.  I had a quick play in memoQ and get the point, and I do recall the memoQ environment getting lucky as they didn't actually have to do anything at all to achieve this.  My guess is they must have based their simpler interface around the sort of windows controllers Dragon is happy with... whilst we, with our richer interface, did not.

    So what we need to get hold of is some details from Nuance on what is needed for the application to be seen in this way.  So I looked around a little and found the Dragon Naturally Speaking Edition SDK Client Edition.  It needs one of our developers, or even a third party OpenExchange Developer, to review this alongside the capabilities of our new integration API.  It might be that it would be possible to build into the ribbon some of the DNS features and make Studio behave perfectly all without needing to have Dragon running at all... but probably still installed.  Or maybe introduce something that simply provides whatever is needed for Studio to be seen as a Dragon enabled application.

    I don't know for sure what’s possible, but this seems to be on the right track.