No space between words when I pause using DNS in Studio, without the dictation window

I've just started using DNS in Studio, dictating into the target segment and not using the dictation window.  Now, when I pause between words, DNS does not insert a space between the words. I did not have this problem when I was using the dictation window.
 Has anyone else noticed this? 

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  • Never had this problem. I just made a test pausing between every single word and Dragon each time inserts a space. Which version of Dragon do you use?



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    I'm using DNS premium version 12.0.

  • I had the same thing using version 12.  If I pause too long.  If I say "spacebar" before I start again then all is well.

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    Well, version 12 is the best available version, optimised to cope with pauses, hesitations, etc. (according to Nuance, and it is is probably true), so I don't understand the problem...I wrote to my contact at Nuance to see if they have already heard of such a problem. They are going to download Studio 2014 evaluation version to make their own tests.

    Personally, I tried again with long pauses and it works correctly...

    This being said, when using Dragon in a CAT tool, it is alwaysbetter to think about the translation before dictating it and to dictate a sufficient portion of text, also to give Dragon enough context to produce a good result

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    I've seen the same thing, but having observed this on multiple occasions, I don't think it's a matter of omitting the space, what I've seen happen is the cursor go back one space, it's like DNS somehow interprets the pause as a command to go back.

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