"The" Dragon/CAT experience (11-min. demo)

Found thanks to Twitter [dragon memoq] search string, so one may try this once in a while for updates along with variants.

... including "the" wireless microphone. A bit expensive, though, if this is the one the gentleman speaks about (Samson AirLine 77):

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  • Thanks Yves... that is a good example of how Dragon could be used in a CAT once we get the key to making Studio a properly supporting application.  What is interesting though is how many things can be done in Studio already so it is partially supporting the sorts of things we saw in the video, but also seems to be less performant for me.

    But it is tricky and and I don't think we can use voice for Studio commands (like Copy Source to Target) without a different edition of Dragon as I can only create custom commands for entering text and graphics... there are no other options.  It would be good to be able to have a plugin from Dragon perhaps just for Studio that enabled all the default commands by voice.

    The ribbon helps somewhat as I can control some of the ribbon commands by voice for some things, but not all.  Where I have Alt+V+P1 for example it struggles with the P1 for me.  "Press Control Insert" copies source to target for me though, but some other keyboard shortcuts don't work.  So there is inconsistency.


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    That's good news.

    Meanwhile, I believe that most users have their own habits of using the keyboard for certain commands anyway, so many lacks may be considered secondary for a while.

    E.g., "Confirm segment" (or any French variant) doesn't work here, and I don't feel frustrated just because of that (the Samson microphone may become mandatory).

    But the half-dozen of "major" problems listed up to now will sure have to be solved—and you will :)

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    Hi Paul

    As I mentioned in another post, creating vocal commands does work, but only in the Pro version. You can then create all usual commands (Confirm, Insert Tag, copy source, merge, etc.). But when the shortcut is easy (like to confirm) I usually use the shortcut.

    By the way, Nuance confirmed that SDK edition gives access to all their API, so...let's cross fingers.