DNS compatibility

What do you think about this? It's from a Guest post by Jim Wardell on Translation Tribulations:

"At one point before I switched memoQ, I was compelled to do a good bit of this acrobatics moving text into an out of the Dragon Dictation Box. I began to have the feeling that the cutting edge that I was working on in a number of well-known CAT tools was so dull that I might just as well have been typing in my translation in the old-fashioned way. So I collected some statistics discovered that that was indeed the case. My output was the same in noncompliant CAT tools and Dragon as with touch typing without Dragon.

All that changed with the memoQ’s full Dragon compatibility! Incidentally, memoQ has full Dragon compatibility throughout the interface and not just in the translation grid. So if you want to dictate notes or definitions in term base entries, you can, and you can still use all of the selection and correction features you are accustomed to using in Dragon. Want to write a longish note to a client in a memoQ Comment box? No problem. Dictate away."


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