Does anyone know whether SDL has considered making Studio compatible with Dragon any time in the near future?

I've been using Dragon with SDL for several years now, and although I'm not completely unhappy with the results, I feel frustrated that I can't use the 'Correct that' command so as to teach Dragon to become more accurate. Just being able to use that command would make a huge difference over time. If MemoQ has managed to offer full compatibility with Dragon, why has SDL not addressed this matter? Thanks in advance for your answers!

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  • Hi Claudia,

    It's not a question of whether we have considered this or not, nor is it a question of memoQ or anyone else doing this.  It is very likely that memoQ didn't have to do anything to achieve this capability of "full" compatibility with Dragon.  If the technology in the editor of any application is based on something that Dragon can support then it works out of the box.  Unfortunately the Studio editor is not based on a technology that Dragon will support in this way.

    We have spent quite a bit of time looking at this, and not just for Dragon, but also for applications such as JAWS which need to be able to access more of the commands and features than Dragon needs and we are making progress.  So a company retailing JAWS for example is working on a solution using the Studio API and some libraries we prepared to support this.  I hope this will be available soon.

    The compatibility with Dragon could probably be enhanced by Dragon developers if they chose to do this, but our own solution is unlikely to achieve native support until we change the Studio editor, and this is also something we are looking at.

    In the meatime there are many users making good use of Dragon now, so perhaps there are some useful things you could do to improve things using some of the little tools such as "Knowbrainer" (I think that's what it's called).  A very good person to ask about this is  as she has taken the use of Dragon to a new level for me!



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    Thanks a lot for your detailed reply, Paul, this is exactly what I needed to know. I'm planning to do some research on how to improve my use of Dragon within Studio, but I didn't want to spend my time on that only to find that you were on your way to providing additional compatibility soon. Thanks!
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    Hi Claudia,

    I think it would be prudent to investigate how to improve your use of Dragon anyway. The changes that will be here soon relate to the API and this means a third party developer would need to do it. I have no idea whether they will, or how long that would take.

    The changes to the Studio editor on our end is a bit further away.


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    I'll definitely go on and investigate. Thanks a lot.


  • Hi Claudia,

    It is unfortunate, but I have a feeling that SDL gives voice-to-text a low priority. Like everyone, they have a limited budget, and if there are only a few people using Dragon then it would not make sense for them to allocate scarce resources. It might take something like the upcoming changes in US legislation requiring accessibility for veterans before SDL sees that voice-to-text is the future and has to be faced at some point.

    I am trying out KnowBrainer 2016 at the moment and it is a nice package, but it is not going to make Dragon work properly with the Studio.

    I actually find it faster to dictate into Word and then cut and paste into Studio with a few scripts. I know it sounds ridiculous, but in the subject areas I translate I need to be able to correct my translations quickly and it is just too frustrating doing this in the Studio editor. (I will be looking at some of the KnowBrainer scripts to "sort-of" emulate some of the editing capabilities in Studio, but I am not holding my breath.)

    Even using KnowBrainer for keyboard shortcuts can be frustrating in Studio. There are cases where the Studio interface is not easily accessible without a mouse.

    For example, I just wrote what should be a simple script to use the segment filter drop-down list. (Nora also wrote a similar KnowBrainer script.) It is unfortunately not a simple script, because you cannot use an "Alt" series of keystrokes to progress through the ribbon. The sequence of keystrokes depends on what elements are showing in the ribbon, so you never know what sequence of keystrokes will be needed to activate the drop-down list. It could be "Alt-R-L" (if "All segments" is showing) or "Alt-R-D2" (if "Draft" is showing), or many other things. On top of all this, if the window size changes, then the ribbon elements that are showing change and the "Alt" keystroke sequence can change.

    Even if you could activate the drop-down list by keystrokes in a script, none of the entries in the list can be selected by a keystroke or even using the arrow keys – you simply have to use the mouse. (This is the only drop-down I found in the ribbon that you cannot use arrow keys in.)

    I ended up activating the drop-down list with "Ctrl-Shift-F6" in my script and then simulating mouse clicks where the list entries should be (similar to Nora, so I guess there is no better alternative). Since the window might be different sizes, and the location of the drop-down list changes when the window size changes, I added a step where I calculate the width of the window and adjust the clicking locations appropriately.

    The KnowBrainer scripts are faster, easier and more flexible than native Dragon scripts. As far as I know, it would not be possible to write a script like this as a native Dragon script.

    So it was an interesting test case to try KnowBrainer 2016 out with, but it showed me some of the other accessibility problems that exist in the Studio interface on top of the inability to make corrections in the editor.

    I use Studio exclusively at the moment and do like the program, but if I get some free time I will try out one of the other translation programs that is Dragon-ready. Given the investment in Dragon and KnowBrainer, it might make sense to invest in a translation program that makes me more productive by allowing me to translate faster with Dragon ... if such a beast exists.

    Bruce Campbell
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