Does anyone know whether Studio 2017 will offer Full Text Control for Dragon NaturallySpeaking?

Looking at previous threads, I am encouraged to see that SDL are looking at improving compatibility with DNS and other programs that are designed to enhance accessibility. 

I see that there is a new version of Studio coming out soon, so it seems like a good time to ask again whether SDL is going to be implementing full compatibility of the editor with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. As others have pointed out, MemoQ and DejaVu have been fully compatible for some time and it is a little odd that Studio hasn't followed suit yet.

Does anyone know whether Trados Studio 2017 will offer full text control?

A description of full text control can be found here:

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    Rob Edwards
    I agree that other software companies may have lucked into compatibility with DNS, but I can't help but wonder whether that is perhaps because they made the effort to make their products accessible from the design stage

    I really doubt this.  I do think we could have made it easier if we'd made consistent design choices 8-yrs or so ago as the studio Editor was built using C++ as oppose to .NET which is what most of the rest of the application uses.  This would have given us what DNS looks for.  So I don't think others specifically tried to make things work with Dragon that early on, but because they used a technology that DNS looks for today things just work out of the box.

    The problem now is that this is a significant piece of work to correct and whilst work is ongoing to make this possible as part of a wider ranging change it won't be something we'll see in the Studio 2017 release.



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