Accessibility of Studio 2014 and Jaws 15


this is the first time I write in the community.

I'm a teacher at university and I'm collaborating with a blind translator (ex student) to improve the accesibility of Studio 2014 with Jaws 15: first of all, SDL website is not completely accessible with Jaws, so if you want to download the trial version of Studio and you are using Jaws, you cannot do this operation.

We were able to create a translation project and to convert an Excel glossary and create a Termbase in Multiterm, but it is impossibile to translate, the Editor view isn't accesible with Jaws, you cannot work and see all the elements in the screen.

is there anyone who is working on this issue and would like to share is findings?



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  • Hi Fiorenza,

    Thank you for sharing your findings.  There are two issues in your post:

    1. Web accessibility in the SDL website
    2. Studio accessibility in the Editor

    I will bring the first issue to the attention of our web teams so they can take a look and see what needs to be done.  I'll report back when I know more on that one.

    The second is more complicated because this is a bigger technology issue to solve.  The Studio Editor is built on a different technology base to the rest of Studio, and JAWS needs to be compatible with both technologies in order to be able to "read it".  We have tried to discuss this with a company developing for JAWS but they have been completely unresponsive, so further investigation into that side of the problem may not go anywhere.

    However, going forward we are looking at different technologies for the Editor and may be able to share something you could help us test fairly soon.  I'm not suggesting Studio will change in the near future as I don't have timescales for anything yet, but we do have some interesting development work that it would be useful for you and your students to look at when the time is right.

    Kind regards

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    Hi Paul,

    thanks for you answer.
    I'm listing here some of the main issues we had in the Editor View when using Studio and Jaws (that is, what Jaws is not able to read in the view Editor of Studio):

    - segments status
    - errors
    - concordance
    - placeables
    - tags
    - autosuggest dictionary suggestions
    - source and target columns should be labelled in order to understand where you are
    - segment number: Jaws numbers the segments in a misterious way
    - insert a label at the beginning and at the end of the segment
    - changing windows in the Editor view
    - use of Multiterm in the Editor view (Jaws reads only open/closed)

    Solving these problems would be a really good starting point!

  • In reply to Teacher Account:

    Thanks Fiorenza,

    That's a useful list for us to test against as we make changes to the editor technology.