Windows 10 "Let apps run in the background" setting

Mystery solved! 

If you have closed the Studio window and then watched the Studio (SDLTradosStudio.exe) process continue in the Task Manager without terminating for several minutes ...

Or if you have exited Dragon while a Studio or Microsoft Word window is still open, and then watched the Dragon (natspeak.exe) process fail to terminate in the Task Manager no matter how long you wait ...

Or if you have closed Studio while the Dragon process is hung, and then found that the Studio process also hangs and refuses to terminate in the Task Manager ...

... then you might find the following interesting.

The hanging processes caused two problems for me:

First, if I had finished a Studio project and wanted to move the files, I had to wait until the Studio process terminated in the Task Manager. Otherwise, Windows would not allow me to move the files. I often ended up using the Task Manager to kill the Studio process so that I could move the files.

Second, if I used the Task Manager to kill the Dragon process, or allowed Windows to kill the process by restarting or shutting down the system, it did not take long before Dragon started doing strange things.

I was constantly worrying about Dragon or my Dragon profile becoming corrupted. I frequently had to repair Dragon, reinstall Dragon, or create a new Dragon profile, until I found a reliable way to exit Studio and Dragon without causing the processes to hang.

I have now found a Windows 10 setting buried at the following location: Settings -> Privacy -> Background apps (near the bottom of the left-hand navigation pane) -> "Let apps run in the background".

I turned this option "Off", and the Studio and Dragon processes no longer hang. (I am not sure why this setting has an effect on them, since as far as I know Studio and Dragon are not Windows "apps".)

If I exit Dragon while Studio or Word are running, the Dragon process now terminates quickly. (The Dragon process would frequently hang and fail to terminate before.) 

If I close the Studio window, the Studio process now terminates quickly.

I am just guessing, but this may be because I have 32 GB of RAM.

Because I have plenty of RAM, the system might decide to keep the processes in the background in case they are used again soon.

The reason I am guessing this has something to do with RAM is that no one appeared to have the same problem when I mentioned it in a different forum several years ago.

I was running Windows 7 on a different computer at the time, also with a large amount of RAM.

I thought I would mention this here because RAM is a lot cheaper than it was before. If my guess about RAM is right, more Studio or Dragon users might run into this problem now.

Best regards,
Bruce Campbell
ASAP Language Services



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