Dragon NaturallySpeaking: switching between Studio 2017 and Notepad

Due to Studio's lack of support for Dragon NaturallySpeaking I am composing most of my text in Notepad. Does anyone have any tips for macros to select all the text in Notepad then switch reliably to Studio's editing pane? (Too often I find that I end up in the concordance pane or some other subsection of the main window.)

I watched Nora's webinar a couple of weeks ago and found it useful, but have not yet bought the KnowBrainer utility, nor have I had time to implement any of her suggestions myself.

I have a very large project under way today, and already my left hand is starting to feel the impact of repeated alt+tabs from Notepad to Studio, so I am looking for some kind of short-term fix. I can look into something more sophisticated at a later date.

I am using Studio 2017 and Dragon Professional Individual.

Thanks in advance,

  • Thank you Nora, I don't know if it is only me, but I find Dragon's own dictation window to be sluggish compared to Notepad. I need something with a bit of snap and it seems that Notepad is the only text editor out there that has full compatibility with Dragon. I have tried dozens, literally, but only Notepad seems to work well.

    I was interested in KnowBrainer because, longer term, I am interested in implementing some of the macros for selecting text and so on in Studio that you mention in your video. Of course, if I can accomplish the same thing within Dragon Professional, that's fine by me, but I haven't yet explored that. I had assumed, perhaps wrongly, that the functionality was limited.

    Bruce, thank you for sharing your macros, which are fascinating. I can see that these could be very useful, particularly if you had a large number of relatively short segments. Is the step of saving the text in the registry just a "belts and braces" thing for extra security? It doesn't appear to be strictly necessary, at least as far as I can see.

  • Hi Dan,

    I'm sure after seeing Bruce's excellent ideas and implementation you have some guidance of what to do if you want to dictate outside of Studio while still working on a Studio file.

    I can't really comment on the speed of the dictation window, as I don't use it at all, I dictate directly into Studio, but given your listed requirements, would also like to suggest having a look at this:


    I find the add-on offered there very interesting, but I haven't tried it myself because like I said, I dictate directly into Studio and the other benefits of the add-on have been resolved with AutoHotkey for my needs.
  • Thank you Nora, I have bought that add-on and will try it out.

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